Humans of Drum Corps: Claire Albrecht


"When you think about drum corps, you can't ignore the Cadets. With 84 years of history, the maroon and gold, the West Point uniform…I was just drawn to Cadets because of their history and what they achieved on the field. 

There's definitely a part of me that would have died to wear the classic Maroon and Gold uniform, but not having that experience didn’t take away from the fact that I'm a Cadet. We're all here and we're working just as hard as the people who came before us.

Drum corps just pushes you to wake up every day and make a conscious decision to try. I'm so glad that I had people along the way who encouraged me to audition, because drum corps is absolutely an environment where you can learn a lot about yourself. 

It's an experience that I would not trade for the world." 

-Claire Albrecht // Drum Major: The Cadets

Photo by  Josh Clements

Photo by Josh Clements

Photos by Josh Clements and Zach Ashcraft