DCI 2018 Retrospective

It’s hard not to feel a wealth of emotions at the culmination of each Drum Corps tour, and 2018 was no different. The excitement from a thrilling week of competitive performances at Lucas Oil lingered, while the reality of returning home to the “real world” hit hard for every performer, staff member, and volunteer. 


From a competitive standpoint, this summer was one of the most memorable in recent history. The Santa Clara Vanguard won their first title since 1999, and their first outright title since 1989.


We also saw The Boston Crusaders win the Colorguard Caption for the first time in their corps nearly 80 year history.


And speaking of firsts, The Mandarins finished their season in 10th place - marking their first ever DCI Finals appearance.  


From a costuming standpoint we saw more of the same, that is to say, more change! Corps continued the practice of adapting their uniforms to fit the theme of each show between both the colorguard and the musical performers.

We’ve even seen visual elements from uniforms and props make their way into show announcements and social media graphics, helping corps communicate the story of their show even more clearly throughout the course of the season.


DCI’s Open class provided audience’s with an incredibly diverse array of shows in 2018. The level of competition and quality of shows from top to bottom has climbed steadily from year to year, with several Open Class groups making Friday performances at Lucas Oil a yearly staple.


As the 2019 season begins, we look forward to a new set of stories. Stories on the field, carefully crafted by designers and staff - as well as stories off the field.

The stories of determination, growth, friendship, and more, told by each member who embarks on the journey of marching Drum Corps.