Artist Spotlight: Courtney Burgess - DCI Illustrations

Photo by Zach Ashcraft

Photo by Zach Ashcraft

Courtney Burgess is a Colorguard Member and soon to be Senior at Hebron High School. Like many in the Marching Arts, Courtney auditioned for guard along with a friend. While challenging at first, she eventually grew to love it. 

"The thing I like most about band is that it is its own little family. The marching arts have given me a place to call home. Joining Guard was like a ray of light...It gave me a group of people that I could talk to and share most of my days with"

In addition to Colorguard, Courtney spends a lot of her time creating artwork. She's even created an ongoing series of Drum Corps Illustrations representing recent uniform designs and show concepts.

"I tend to doodle a lot in my classes (especially math), and I started drawing the Carolina Crown’s vocalist uniform, since I had their show stuck in my head. Soon my page was starting to get covered, so I drew better versions later that day. I’m actually planning on drawing more shows from different years, and making them into keychains." 

Courtney has created a full set of illustrations from the 2017 DCI Finalist shows, and continues to work on more.

 "Such great things have come out of DCI and BOA, and I hope to be drawing my own DCI uniform one day."

To see more of Courtney's work, you can check out her Etsy Store here or follow her onTwitter